Everyone knows that whether or not the Knicks get in the playoffs, it's not like it really matters because they're not going to get past the first round, right?

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There's one gigantic reason why New York should be hoping more than ever that the Knicks get back into the post-season: To keep Carmelo Anthony.

This season has been the most frustrating for 'Melo since he's been in the Empire State and heading into a year in which he can opt out of his deal, that's bad timing.

Anthony needs as many positive vibes as possible as the season comes to an end.

With the team clicking right now as good as they have all year along and with the mixture of Phil Jackson being added to the front office? Doesn't hurt.

If the Knicks can sneak into the first round, have an admirable showing and then get Anthony and Jackson to sit down and mesh ideas, Anthony could suddenly have a change of heart as he's been giving signs all year via body language and interviews that he's not happy.

There's exactly one month left on the calendar for the Knicks to sway Carmelo during the regular season. The extra $35 million helps - having a glimmer of hope and momentum going into next year could seal the deal.