I like virtually everyone loves an NFL Sunday and then a Monday night Nightcap-I can do without Sunday night Football but that's another story for another day. I love rooting for a team(the Jets) and rooting against other teams(the Dolphins). I love to watch the great plays and that sort but  a question that has been burning on my brain-Do we love football so much that we are accepting a bad product just cause we love it. I give you for exibit A Tim Tebow. Now I love Tebow the person-just the kind of guy I would love for my sisters to meet- and love the fierce competitor-however come on the guy can't play and yet he is 5-1 this year. that leads me to ask if a guy who plays QB in the NFL can't throw with any accuracy yet keeps winning is the competition that bad? My answer is yes it is that bad..Oh the League has some terrific teams.The Green Bay Packers lead the list.other who I think are good teams include Chicago,Atlanta,The NY Giants,iffy on the Saints,Pittsburgh,Baltimore and welcome Houston. But look at the mediocrity and less of the NFL..My beloved Jets-are they any good? is Cincinnatti? Denver? Dallas? New England? and so on..or are some of these teams good cause the NFL is a bad product that we will buy cause we are addicted and love the action and entertainment?

How in the name of Bill Walsh can a guy be 5-1 at the key position maybe in sports and yet be so awful? It has to be the quality of the league no? Make no mistake unlike others who romance poetically about years gone by that's not it at all..heck in years gone by my Jets were a joke now they are just not good. No I don't miss yester year at all. I do miss high quality teams battling it out for supremacy. Maybe I am looking for something that just can't be found.Nah I don't think so.. They say if you have low expectations then expect mediocre results and the opposite if you expect big things..maybe my expectations are too high in the salary cap era..However I look over  at the NHL and I see very very good teams and a salary cap at the same time. I could name 12 teams that could win the Cup this year and none based on getting a break or injuries or any of that stuff just based on their own ability and quality.. I don't see that in our  top sport. Instead I see  QB who can't throw win ballgame after ballgame and wonder how the heck can this be..I think I know..In our zest for all things Football I think we are settling for a very mediocre product