No longer will players have to take a Wonderlick test to get in the NFL. At least it seems we are headed that way. No from the way the media makes it sound is the new litmus test will be are you down with Gay marriage or not. I can't wait to see the new test that so called journalist puts to the forefront. Perhaps did you vote for President Obama. Or did you give or how much did you give to charity and what charities?

Oh yes the judgement class, known as journalist. Seems the 1st question they ask these days to players is " How do you feel about gay marriage" ?

Adrian Peterson is such a player and a few weeks back he said he " wasn't down with gay marriage" but would have no problem with having a gay teammate. Not a good enough answer i guess for journalist.

Headline today on "Peterson OK with Gay Teammate." Really ESPN? This is worthy of a head line? Why not something like " Peterson donates X to charity." Oh no controversy or interest in that? Really? Cause I care more and I am guessing millions of others don't care what Peterson thinks of Gay marriage but rather he be a good citizen, a clean ball player, and a help in the community rather then his feelings on Gays or Gay marriage.

Ok so Peterson isn't down for the cause. Does that make him a bad guy? Make him worthy of scorn from the phony open minded folks? Yes phony open minded folks-You know the one's that want people's right to express their views shut down if they aren't in line with theirs. The phony open minded folks!

Personally I don't care about gay marriage any more then I care about the fate of the June bug. I am a live and let live type of guy as long as it is within the limits of the law. Sorry my obsession isn't about gay marriage. I voted in favor of it as I do believe it is a civil right but that's the only time I think about it truthfully. For so called journalist it is an obsession or so it seems.

I can see it now-Journalist with the big interview with some athlete " What do you hope to accomplish in your pro career? Are you ok with Gay marriage? Who cares. I don't see Peterson bringing ridicule or working in a harmful way towards gays so who cares?

Peterson in the ESPN story claims he wouldn't have a problem with a gay teammate but did claim their would be awkwardness in the clubhouse such as showering. Peterson said " Simple things, you know as far as showers and things like that, you know, of course, anyone would be uncomfortable. But you know I am a grown man, there are things I can deal with. I am comfortable in my skin."    Just leave it at that and why does it even have to come to that?

When the day comes and a gay player is open about their personal lives, if they should be treated harshly by teammates, then let's deal with it. But this "survey" question about how do you feel about gay marriage is in my opinion an infringement on my privacy. I don't know why players even take the bait. if they are against the "open minded" folks will take to their idiotic protests, their declarations that so and so is a Gay hater or homophobic or some other slogan that dumb America has been conditioned to say.

Peterson's views on gays are his business. I don't see him bringing harm to any gays so leave the man be. Peterson even claimed in the absurd ESPN article that he wouldn't apologize for his feelings. Excuse me? Why would he have to apologize? He is not entitled to his own opinion?

Here is how I would solve this if I was said athlete. Idiot journalist  asks me the question. My answer is simple. Tell me journalist what is your opinion on and then fill in the  question. I would make it real personal as to pry into journalists private lives. Why is it journalist never reveals their feelings on a myriad of issues be they social issues, war and peace, drug usage, or anything else. Start grilling journalist and you will see how fast the grilling ends.

If Peterson has a gay teammate and makes that teammates life difficult then we have a story. Right now all we have is Peterson's private feelings on a very personal matter.