Or maybe Sex and Sport depending on your view. To date  70,000 condoms have been ordered for the Olympic village for the upcoming games. That's more rubber then silver, gold and bronze combined but this is just the start.

According to USA womans Goaltender Hope Solo " There is a lot of sex going on. With a once in a lifetime  experience, you want build memories, weether it is sexual, partying or on the field". "I've seen people having sex right out in the open, on the grass, between buildings, people are getting down and dirty".

Solo went on to talk about how she snuck a 'celebrity" in her words into her room for a romp. She wouldn't divulge who and that's fine. Who cares.

The interesting thing I noticed about Solo's latest sex and partially tell is no place did I see any care about winning a gold. Rather like a 14 year old she carried on about getting laid. Like you can't get some sex in the states girlfriend? You sound like a little freckle faced little girl.

Honestly I don't care about the frolicking and the fun. Have at it. I like to enjoy my life like anyone. however the job comes 1st and I would like to hear more about the games on the field then the games off. The giggling like a sugered up teenager from the likes of Hope Solo is not appealing in my opinion.