Last week during my program-Game On With Bruce Jacobs, heard daily on 1045 The Team, ESPN Radio in Albany, New York, while discussing the Freeh Report I opted to take a wait and see stance for what shakes out from the report before writing about it. I didn't want to be an angry reactionist which is not usually my nature. Others opted to respond rigth away, most with a hang em high outrage, and some still blinded by their love for Joe Paterno.

I am still not ready to totally condemn Joe Pa and his administrative minions like Gram Spanier and the others. However that day of total comdemnation is fast approaching.

The Paterno family claims they will get behind a fact finding mission surrounding the Freeh findings. Yeah and OJ is still looking for the "real" killers.

I still can't imagine what would make a great man, or a man millions thought were great to hide the child molester Jerry Sandusky and it is bothering me greatly. Oh how I wish Joe could try and defend himself. Obviously he can't and what would he say anyway.

Everyday more nuggets come out condemning Joe. Cover for the evil monster Sandusky. Lie about what he knew from an earlier investigation. Help squash hopes of giving the board of trustees more oversight over the entire sports operation. Just a total breakdown of all things decent and right. How could you make this dreadful decision. You had 2 choices. Report the rapes and get the monster off your campus and into jail and protect the children or coverup. Joe it seems chose coverup.

It is still hard to fathom really. Then we find out he cut a sweetheart deal to protect his financial assests for his family.

Now we have planes flying over head making threats about the Paterno statue. We have artists painting over the Paterno halo on his picture outside the stadium. Buildings are being renamed taking Joe's name off and replacing it. We have the board of trustees all pointing fingers at anyone, some it seems justified.

Lastly we now have the NCAA contemplating the dreaded "death penalty" which is poorly named because death is forever. The death penalty is not. See SMU.

This great school, this great football program all going downhill faster then a speeding bullet because Joe and his executive pals decided secrecy and covering up for a child molester-a damn child molester.

As a fan-not an alum mind you-but a fan of Penn State you have to start to wonder about all of Joe's 61 years at PSU. The millions donated to charity. The graduation rates. the wins. The money raised for many causes-all of it-ALL OF IT now has to come  under scrutiny I am sorry to say.

When you make the choice to cover for an evil monster like Sandusky, even to the point of continuing to allow him to use the facilities to commit more of his depraved crimes makes you wonder if anything Paterno did matter.