What are the NFL players and owners fighting over right now?  Money!

What’s the best way to make more money?  Have some control over how that revenue is generated.

The NFL wants control of their product and they want you to pay to see it.   They didn’t create the NFL Network for the Deion Sanders Show.   There are already several games only seen on the NFL Network.

What makes you think all of the big games won’t all be on there one day?

Over 111 million people watched the Super Bowl this year - that doesn’t include bars or restaurants.  Now if you cut that number in half and charge each house $100.  That would equal $5 billion dollars (I'm being conservative here).  That's $5 billion - before even one commercial is sold!  Keep in mind, FOX charged $3 million for a 30 second spot this year.

The NFL is getting about $21 billion from the networks (FOX, CBS, ESPN & NBC) for TV rights.  Why not cut out the middle man and reap all the profits?  That's a lot of money right in the NFL's pockets just for one game.  They could put the Super Bowl on the NFL Network's "pay-per-view" channel.

If you don't think the NFL would make the Super Bowl pay-per-view, you're just not paying attention.  You're already paying for the NFL if you have the Sunday Ticket.  It's the NFL - people would pay for it.  Trust me.

So what would you pay to watch the Super Bowl?  Feel free to email me at soundoff@1045theteam.com.