Food is the biggest thing people look forward to at a Super Bowl Party, right up there next to the Game itself.  Here are a few tips on what to enjoy, avoid, and even something you can make that your friends will that would clog the heart of a Willy Mammoth.

I’ll say this when eating at a major Super Bowl party avoid eating anything heavy before arriving, you don’t want to show up see all that amazing food after you just finished a calzone in the car.  Also after arrival you want to stay away from the chips and dip and the vegetables, have a few chips to keep yourself ready to take down what ever you see that is wrapped in bacon. Now that you have avoided all the fillers you’re about to be rewarded with all the bacon wrapped goodness your heart can take.

We all love classics pigs in a blanket, chili dip, chicken wings, party sub, and pizza; but what can I make that will kick people so hard in the pants their dentist will have to give them their next hernia exam. You need the whole package its go to be beefy, cheesy, spicy, saucy, and so bad for your heart that if you eat 2 of them you’ll crumble to the ground like you just got picked off by a sniper.

Here it is (MAN LOAF) is meat loaf designed just for the Super Bowl and consumption by men.


An original recipe from Alan Fish


3 pounds of top self ground beef (duh)

1 pound ground spicy Italian sausage (cause it will make it more awesome)

1 pound ground veal  (for that baby taste)

3 big Eggs

3 table spoons of BBQ Sauce (cause it makes everything better)

4 table spoons of ketchup

5 table spoons of Brown Sugar

3 table spoons of spicy brown Mustard

2 table spoons of horse radish (HAHAHA)

3 table spoons of franks Red Hot (because it will make tomorrow mornings movement much more fun)

In a Bowl and feel free to add some garlic pr whatever to the mix


Take a entire contents of the bowl and make a giant Meat football shaped thing, ha I said thing. Now take an entire brick of cheese and insert it into the middle of your meat log. After this its time to add the …

BACON- Yes now you add the most important thing in a man’s diet to the mix.  You now wrap your meat mountain in 2 pounds of awesome American Bacon. The bacon won’t stick on its own so you gotta tooth pick it on or something I don’t know (DO I NEED TO THINK OF EVERYTIHNG).

Now take your meat on meat on meat Man Loaf and wrap in BBQ sauce and ketchup coated tin foil and place in pan.  After that turn your oven onto 350 degrees and toss that bad bear in the oven. Let it bake for an hour and a half .

Pull it out and let it cool for 10 minutes, and then eat it till your heart seizes up like a piston in an old Chrysler mini van. The one bad thing about this is you will be forced to make it every year till the day you die, which won’t be all that many years if you eat the MAN LOAF more then once a year.