Another week of sports, another boatload of great content from The Team. Here were this weeks highlights...



Shump went down, and the Knicks were talking trades. Unfortunately they didn't actually do anything.
Shumpert Sprains Knee and Possible Trade Plans

We got a new guy, who claims he's not really a "new guy," when in fact, he is blatantly the new guy.
Local Voice Joins


A kid cheated, didn't follow the rules, and got punished accordingly. Apparently Joe B hates fairness. UPDATE: Pizza Hut paid this kid his $10 G's.
West Chester University Jips Contest Winner: Should They Pay Up? [VIDEO] [POLL]


With the Section II high school basketball tournament starting up, the new guy broke down some of the best ballers this area has ever seen.
Who is the Best Section II Player Ever?

Bode Miller cried, Twitter exploded.

Obnoxious NBC Interview Brings Bode Miller To Tears