No doubt in my mind that the worst of the worst can be found in the murder capital of the country that being in Philadelphia or as I like to call it Philthadelphia. Oh sure these screw balls will pass themselves off as passionate and they are, they pass themselves off as hard core and they are, they even can be called knowledgable. However when it's too dangerous to go to a game as a fan of the opposing team well the debate ends.

Sure you can site the beating in Los Angeles to Bryan Stowe the Giants fan. You can probably site an example from most cities but Philly is downright dangerous. From the Rangers fans beaten to a pulp after the Winter Classic to the thugs that go to Eagles games and especially the animals that attend Flyer games Philly is downright dangerous.

Sure there is the infamous black hole in Oakland, the dog pound in Cleveland, the bleacher bums in Wrigley but no place do you need to wear Kevlar on a regular basis like you do in the crap hole called Philadelphia. Heck there was a fella just beaten in the historical area outside the liberty bell. Benjamin Franklin would be ashamed. The animals in philly cracked the guys head open worse then  the crack in the bell.

I have been to games in Philthadelphia and never felt safe. Now the folks in the city of brotherly hate will tell you all about New Yorkers but when was  the last time you read about a fan getting slashed, stabbed, beaten, hit over the head with a bottle or really any physical harm going to a game in NY? Yeah go ahead Philadelphians think long and think strong. New Yorkers love their creative chants and derisive cheers but when it comes to battering someone's face just because well it doesn't happen. I have gone to Yankee games and rooted for the opposition and never felt harm was coming my way. At the Garden I am with my own so all good. Citifield is nice and quaint so no issue there, besides with the Mets being so bad no one is there.

Lastly Philthadelphia is where the great Mike Schmidt was harshly booed, Michael Irvin was cheered when as a member of the hated Cowboys ripped up his knee and of course where else does Santa Claus get booed but Philly. No place that's where. Yes the worst sports fans are found in Philadelphia and for me it's not even close who is 2nd!!!!

Heck even the Philly Fanatic is mean and scares little kids!!!!