What does desperation smell like? Take a whiff of the Yankees latest acquisition. His name is Mark Reynolds. You should call me captain K-as in strikeout master. This, unlike getting Alfonso Soriano is a terrible move by the Yanks.

Reynolds is a strikeout waiting to happen. Asked about his propensity to whiff while with the Diamondbacks, Reynolds scolded the questioner with a tort comeback about how he doesn't pay attention to striking out but rather focused on the few times he does make contact.

Reynolds was cut loose by the Cleveland Indians, a team think in the wild card chase, yet the Yanks put in a waiver claim and Reynolds picked the Yanks as his new employer.

On the season, before Cleveland cut him loose, Reynolds put up his usual high strikeout, low batting average numbers. On the season, the 3rd baseman/1st baseman/DH is hitting an anemic .215 with 15 home runs and 48 runs batted in. he has fanned 123 times.

Reynolds started out the season on fire after joining the Indians, coming over from Baltimore as a free agent. Reynolds hit 13 long flies the 1st 2 months of the season. However since may he has hit only 2 homers since May and none since the end of June.

Apparently 4 teams showed interest in picking up Reynolds. Somehow the Yankees " won" the day when Reynolds picked the Bronx for his new address.