Ok Patriot fans seems you found my e-mail in box and our Facebook page. Have at it my chowder pals - Let me say for the record again the Pats aren't very good so I guess I have to say the Jets are worse then that. However chowds we may get another crack at you like last year and well you don't want that. I stand by what I have been saying-The Patriots aren't good-The term VASTLY over rated comes to mind. How the Jets aren't able to do what others teams have done to this weapons shy ball club is beyond me. The Giants and Steelers and Cowboys all did a nice job of shutting down Brady and the Bunch but the Jets with their defense couldn't. No excuses the Pats humiliated  the Jets Sunday night. Maybe the Jets should try one more tactic that others have done when playing the Pats,don't treat it like the damn Super Bowl every time. Don't make it seem like  the Pats are the 16-0 squad or the 4x world champs. Perhaps treating them and the game the same as they treat the Bills,Dullfins,or anyone else is a better tactic. I mean seriously Rob Gradkowski?  The Pats were a one way club and the Jets defense had no answers..Pass rush-nope...safety help-nope..A linebacker able to handle the big boy from Arizona-Nope..Perhaps the Jets should employ porn star BiBi Jones who seems like the only person that can slow down the big Ox.

So the day has finally come after weeks of riding high with picks and prognostications. Not only did the Jets get crushed by the 2 man Patriot team (by the way who the heck is this guy Andre Carter) ok 3 man team but I lost to every contestant in Beat Bruce and it took Quiet Joe to get me over 500 in College picks.. Now don't mind me I am going to eat some more of this pie while I get ready for the show.. By the way the phone lines I hear went down so we won't be able to take any calls today..What a shame. Congrats patriot fans you skunked us but you still aren't very good! and I stand by that comment