I laugh at these Johnny know it all's. Or think they know it all. You know the type. They have all the right answers and never make a bad prediction-AFTER THE GAME OR EVENT ENDS. Yeah they boast how they know this and they knew that. Truth is these experts know less then a 10 year old but try and impress you with their " I knew this or that."

These back seat drivers are a dime a dozen on the radio airwaves or newspapers. They knew everything-After the game ends. I say this because I have no doubt all these "experts" will be crackling the radio waves and newspaper columns in regards to Derek Jeter's return from a season long ankle injury and his surprise return Thursday afternoon vs Kansas City.

Damn right the Captain should have played! Why? Cause he said he could and he got clearance to play. In a sport that is increasingly soft, with players sitting out weeks for little dinks, it is refreshing to see a player want to get on the field, not in a hurry to get off.

Baseball is a great sport. My favorite sport in fact but I am critical of the constant whining and harping about injuries. Newspaper reporters seem to only know to ask questions about some injury. I mean how does a non contact sport, save for pitchers and catchers, have so many pulls and pings. I mean many of these players hurt muscles that nobody knew existed. Again pitchers and catchers have grueling jobs. the rest-mostly non contact. I mean if you play football,hockey and even basketball you have to laugh at some of these wusses.

Darn right Jeter should have played. Why? Cause he said he could and when it comes to Jeter that is good enough for me. Jeter has earned that cache through a fabulous career. He is the anti Arod. If he says he can play-he plays. Of course there are exceptions for the absolutists in the reading audience. If you are up 10 games in the standings, a meaningless exhibition, stuff like that. Another words nothing about the Yankees current situation says he should rest. He is walking, talking, and running then he plays,.

Baseball in general, and the Yankees in particular have this culture of coddle. I think Joe Girardi is a terrific manager but he coddles players way too much. You listen to him sometimes and he sounds like he is running a Marine squad with this guy has this injury and this guy has this ailment.

Jeter is needed and he came back in the nick of time. He ran out a base hit in his 1st at bat proving his ankle was solid and stable and ready for action. He later possibly pulled a quad. Now watch the experts try and claim he wasn't ready or make some other foolish case how they knew it was too soon for Jeter to play. Bolderdash!!!!!

What makes Friday better then Thursday? The Yanks need some help. Their offense has been dormant. they are falling fast in the AL East. Jeter is the perfect antidote outside of reincarnating Babe Ruth.

Watch these amateur doctors try and pretend how they knew this was coming and the Yanks should have waited until X day. Bwahahahaha. Garbage! You can't predict injuries 99.9% of the time. They happen.

Truth is any player, like any person, can be injured doing mundane acts, let alone playing sports. Heck the Yanks could have waited to September 1st to play Jeter and he could have been re-injured.

Now the extent of the injury isn't known. It might be very minor. But when you are 39 any injury brings concern.

I am no Yankee fan. But I am a Jeter fan. He plays hard, he plays well, and he is a great role model for players and people. I applaud him not milking this situation like many would have done and just taken the paycheck.

So when you hear  "experts" lay claim to how they knew this was a bad idea, that Jeter returning was premature, laugh at them. If Jeter would have pulled his quad next week they would claim the same.

I applaud Jeter again. For a sport that over protects players, babies players, and act like this is some grizzled sport, it is refreshing to see  a player as accomplished as Jeter want to get back on the field as fast as he can to help his team win ballgames. Just another reason why Jeter might be my favorite non Met player. Kudos captain. Now get back on the field-fast so we can enjoy watching you play shortstop