Tiger Woods threw another temper tantrum during the 2012 Masters.  Tiger typically doesn't fare well once his emotions get the best of him.

Tiger Woods lost his cool yet again on the golf course.  I know, big shocker.  The latest edition of Tiger throwing a hissy fit occurred on Saturday during the 3rd round of the 2012 Masters.  He was upset about an errant shot and literally kicked his club.  Tiger didn't kick his club at the local muni.  He kicked his club at the Masters.  Kicking your club at Augusta National is like wearing a Slayer t-shirt to church.  You just don't do it.

Tiger is facing possible disciplinary action from the PGA Tour for kicking his club during the Masters.  I wouldn't have a problem if Tiger is fined for losing his cool.  You don't act like a five-year old by kicking your club at Augusta during a major golf tournament.  Grow up and act more professionally.

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