I am shaking my head as I write this. 1st shame on me for my knee jerk reaction to the mediocrity of the NFL. Think I realized this today as I was watching the games. The greatness of the NFL is not in the greatness of play but the greatness of the enjoyment. What a day of games and play!!!! The Cardinals won their 2nd game in OT with a touchdown.In 1 season!!! The Packers-Giants game was incredible! The defensive performance of the 49ers was great! The Dolphins humiliated a 1st place team! The Cheifs won a game on a hail Mary-at the end of the 1st half! Chris Johnson is back in a biiiig way! My Jets made me mad for 3 qtrs and delighted after that!  Cam Newton does something rarely ever done by anyone let alone a QB-run for 3 td's!  The winless Colts if they had 2 more minutes well who knows and as a 21 point underdog no less!!!!  Houston couldn't win a big game for years and today they did just that with a rookie making his starting debut at QB. All of this in 1 days action and thrills

Yet the most amazing story in years continues to evolve. How much longer will guys like me be able to say Tim Tebow isn't going to be good. He is good! No wait he isn't but he wins! Wait he is but he isn't and he rallies again. he completes 10 passes yet his team posts 35 points!!! His team with maybe 2 or 3 known players is tied for 1st..No way is this happening!!! But it is and perhaps the most humble player to come down the pike in years is leading the way. No reason to recap the legand of Tebow! Seriously the Broncos! The Broncos! This is the greatness of the NFL the completely unthinkable becomes reality. A great day for the NFL and for it's fans. Now bring on the undefeated debate again!!!