Ok the 1st wise guy or guys in this case have checked in. Tim Tebow has been offered a contract to continue his football career- With the Omaha Beef of the Indoor Football League.

Somehow though I am thinking after hearing the financial terms Tebow will decline the offer ( Not enough fat). The standard players contract calls for players to make a nifty 75.00 per game. Must be some quality of play in this league.

Beef General Manager Andrew Mather left a message with Tebow's agent David Sexton. The high wheeling GM though said he doesn't expect a call back but in his words "It was worth the try."

Speculation has the Beef has major controversy on it's hands. Their starting QB James McNear could be ruffled by the Beef looking elsewhere for new meat. McNear did say  "I think Tim can learn a lot from me." I can't blame McNear for being upset. He is setting the Indoor Football League on fire this year with 21 Touchdowns tossed with only 2 pickles-errr picks. The Beefy McNear has hit 70% of his passes so far this year.

The Beef seem very restless in reaching out to Tebow, who was rudely dumped by the Jets on Monday. The Beef are sporting a whopper-whopping I mean 5-1 record this season.