Guess who's back, back again? Tebow's back... in the news! Okay, forgive my attempt to quote an Eminem song, but you get the point - Ed Werder of ESPN has reported that Tim Tebow is signing with the New England Patriots and is expected to report to mini-camp on Tuesday.

There are a few interesting details to consider - Tebow reuniting with the coach who drafted him in Denver, and of course the Bill Belichick Effect. For starters, this move reunites Tebow with current offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, who was the head coach of the Denver Broncos back when Tebow was selected in the First Round of the 2010 NFL Draft. Also, this acquisition comes on the heels of rumors in recent weeks of Belichick saying there was no chance Tebow would land in New England, yet... here he is!

Obviously he won't be the starting quarterback, there's no question about that - the position is still being held by a guy named Tom Brady, maybe you've heard of him. Now the question becomes of how Belichick and McDaniels will use him - fullback, punt protector, tight end? Whatever they decide, let me assure you this, it will be a nice and quiet position on second- or third-string.