This Tim Tebow guy is starting to crowd my territory! You know I was thrilled the Jets. my favortite team  from a football standpoint, and from being an exemplory human being and a TRUE role model. However without even trying this fella Tebow is so popular with the ladies that even though he has remained a virgin, married woman picked him 2nd  for guys they would like to cheat with.

The website, which dedicates itself to married spouses who want to "step out" . They ran a poll asking woman what athlete would you most like to have an affair with. Tebow finished 2nd with 19.6 %. No I didn't finish 1st. Somehow this Beckham guy did  at 43.1%.

Tebow's cheif rival for the starting job, Mark Sanchez finished well down the list with 8.1%. Also taking away from my total was that short stop fella Jeter I think his name is. Yeah that's the dude that gives women a limo ride home in the morning with a gift bag including an autographed baseball. Clearly this dude is "buying" affection.

I am thinking some of these woman don't know the rumored "effects" of doing roids. Alex Rodriguez finished behind his Yankee team mate. Jeter tallied 16.5 % to "Aroids" 13.2 %. Woman love a winner as Eli Manning rung up an 8.5% tab.

Lastly who said woman are so pure and  "niiiice". 6.1 % picked Tiger Woods. Now that is great :)

Ok hold on, oh wait this poll wasn't taken in my home base, Albany NY that's why I didn't even show up. Or maybe it is true that I do have a face for radio :(