Sports fans and the world of punditry are waiting with bated breath for the Jets to fail tonight. Oh they can't wait to get some laughs and cheap shots in on the big airplane on Tuesday morning. They have the Texans kicking the Jets all over the yard tonight when the Jets tangle with one of the last two unbeatens in the NFL. But here is my question: While the Jets have struggled, who exactly are the Texans?

Is it the same Texan team that has had abundant talent the last few years only to disappoint? Is it the same Texan team that is coached by lousy Gary Kubiak, a man who always seems intent on letting his kicker try to win a game with a 50 yard field goal only to fall short time after time? Is this the Texan team that has one, yes, just 1 playoff win, over an outmatched Bengals team last year? Yes, that is the Texan team the Jets will face tonight in a Monday night clash.

The big stage awaits a Jets revival, while the sporting world awaits what they think and hope will be another terrible Jets performance. My pick: Jets 17 and Houston 14. You read that correct, haters. Pride and dignity are on the line for New York and I say they get both back tonight.

The Jets are all banged up, but only losers use excuses. The defense, save for Revis Island, are healthy and ready to go and it is past time that Rex Ryan get his favored unit to play up to their collective ability. The Jets are last in the NFL in third down defense and 30th in rushing defense. Last week they allowed the 49ers to trash them for 245 yards on the ground. Here is hoping that pride will take hold and the Jets will play mean, tough, Jet football.

Houston has many weapons, including who many believe are the best wide receiver and running back in the NFL. Andre Johnson lost a little luster last season due to injury but he is a great talent. Antonio Cromartie, it's time to show you are not just a big mouth. Arian Foster is a tremendous running back, but let's not anoint him Walter Payton yet, okay? Houston also loves using the tight end. QB Matt Schaub has always had good chemistry with the tight end, so the Jets linebackers will have to be sharp tonight and fast. I say the unit led by the great David Harris will regain their footing.

But make no mistake, this game has to be THE GAME where Mark Sanchez firmly establishes himself as the leader of the Jets. He has played badly the last three weeks. The boo birds are building. The calls for Tim Tebow are getting louder. Sanchez MUST MUST MUST play well tonight. The Jets running game must take on a tough Texan defense. Hey, didn't you used to be Shonn Greene? Hey, Shonn, are you in or out?

Sanchez and Green will have solid games tonight and the Jets will win. If they can get this win, the Indy Colts wait next week and they are due for a big letdown after an inspirational victory over the Packers yesterday. Win tonight and the Jets could be primed to be 4-2 when entering a contest against New England in three weeks.

This is the game. The Jets must win. They must play tough Jet football. They must show the talking heads and the football fans this isn't an all hat and no cattle team.

Jets 17, Texans 14!