Tom Brady has been getting beat on in the New York press, by Jet players, as well as Rex Ryan all week. He has finally has spoken out with the most controversial statement of them all.

“I’ve been called worst” - yup that was Brady’s response to Cromartie calling him an “A$$H*LE” and Rex Ryan saying he doesn’t work as hard as Peyton Manning.  Brady’s statement brings up the question what else has Brady been called.

With no research done on my part I can only speculate on this topic.  I’m assuming he has been called Brady Bieber, you know because he looks like the teen pop sensation Justin Bieber.  I mean to me that is way worst because it implies you have no talent and are kind of a tool. It also says that you are going to be worthless in two or three more years. If someone called me Alan Bieber I would loose my crap, and come at them with force of a UFC fighter who has been partying with Dale Strawberry and Lawrence Taylor.

People might say to him he has an ugly mug making fun of the fact he is the spokes person of Muggs (man Uggs). I’m sure that would knock him for a loop, he would really need some time to reflect on his life choices after hearing that one. What if someone went super hurtful with an insult, like calling him “MUGGLY” I mean he would be more devastated then the nerdy chick when her cousin stands her up on prom night.  Something like that would really toss his game into a funk.

Those are some really awful names to call Mr. Brady, but if someone went and crossed the line and attacked his personal relationships I don’t what would happen. Like calling him “Belichick’s Puppet Quarterback”, I would never do such a thing to a man of his greatness, I could only imagine the aftermath of such a statement. I see Brady rocking back and forth in the shower crying for hours on end when he realizes he owes all his greatness to his head coach.

The conversation on the sidelines would take an after school special turn for the worst.  Bill would walk up after Brady Fumbled a snap and ask “where did u learn to take snap”.

Brady would respond quickly and with more emotion then an black haired emo kid listening to his first CURE album. “I LEARNED IT FROM YOU” and presumably run away sobbing.

I’m sure tom has been called worst then an A-hole in his life, I’m sure that MUGGLY Puppet Qb Brady Bieber will be called worst in the future.