Tom Brady stars in a new commercial that made me say one word; "Wow."  Find out which kind of "wow" I'm referring to.  Also, find out why Tim Tebow isn't featured in this ad.

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is featured in this new UGG for Men commercial.  When I saw this commercial, all I said was, "Wow."  Not "wow" in a "that's an awesome commercial" kind of way.  I said "wow" in a "this commercial is really, really bad" kind of way.  Throwing invisible passes?  Really?

I have a theory that Tim Tebow wasn't used for this commercial because his invisible passes would be mostly incomplete or intercepted attempts.  Okay, fine.  That was definitely a cheap shot, but come on; the man only completed 46.5% of his passes last season.  That's brutal.  We'll see if he can improve this year as a member of the New York Jets.  Listen to coverage of the Bills-Jets Week 1 matchup on our brother station Q103.  Pregame coverage begins this Sunday at 12:00pm ET.

Brian Noe is the Brand Manager at 104.5 The Team, ESPN Radio in Albany, NY.  Brian also hosts “The Noe Show” each weekday from 1-3pm ET on WTMM.