Some endorsement deals lend themselves to entertaining, inspiring and often hilarious commercials. Tom Brady’s Uggs endorsement has yielded none of that.

Uggs (not a brand that a professional athlete should be endorsing anyway), unveiled its new 2012 campaign today, with a commercial that leaves the audience with more questions than answers:

Answered questions:

-         Is Tom Brady a pretty good looking guy? Yes.

-         Is Tom literally modeling those preppy chick boots with the velvety outside and fluffy inside? Apparently (and thankfully) not.

Unanswered questions:

-         What the hell is happening here?

-         Is this supposed to be a real scene or the kid’s dream?

-         Is it Tom Brady’s dream?

-         Are they somehow trying to sell me that Tom Brady can speak telepathically to young boys, and if so, is that charming or creepy? ‘Cuz I’m leaning towards creepy.

-         If this in fact is a “dream scenario” created up by the kid, how come he couldn’t muster the imagination to dream up an actual football to play with? I mean, he’s a kid, they have bountiful imaginations.

-         Does Tom Brady have to fly to a different country to get his hair cut like that?

-         If that overweight pilot is out playing football-less football, who just departed from the runway in that plane?

-         Is that an Eli Manning endorsed Citizen’s EcoDrive he’s wearing?