Tom Brady is in a new commercial promoting UGG's footwear.  Thank goodness Brady plays a cool position exceptionally well.  The man has made a few questionable decisions in his day.

We've seen New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady do an odd dance while watching a soccer game in Brazil.  We've seen Tom Brady's hair get more and more out of control.  Now this?  Tom Brady is in an UGG's commercial.  This isn't going to do anything to dispel the myth that modern-day quarterbacks wear skirts.

Honestly, the commercial isn't completely horrible.  Don't get me wrong, it's a kissing cousin of the "horrible" family, but it's not totally and utterly horrible.  However, when quarterbacks these days are thought to be babied and coddled, appearing in an UGG's commercial isn't going to do anything to change that line of thinking.