I am a huge baseball fan like a lot of us here in the Capital Region. Whenever I watch a baseball game on TV or attend one either locally or in New York City, there are a few things that I really don't like seeing done during the game. Lets see if you agree with my top five things NOT to do at a baseball game. First and foremost on my list, unless if you REALLY have to go to the bathroom or have a medical emergency, DO NOT stand in your section during most of the game and act like a fool! For the obvious reason it is annoying and distracting for the other 100 people in your section for you to be standing and acting like an idiot. The people didn't come to see YOU or your buddy. They came for the game that is in front of them that you are blocking! Now if it is the 9th inning and your team is about to close the game out and everyone is standing, then certainly stand and cheer on your team! But if everyone else is sitting, don't stand up and ruin it for everyone else!

Second, don't interfere with the game! I understand that there are a couple of scenarios where it can help your team. But most of the time I watch games where the fan's interference of the game results in a negative result for the team! The really bothersome example is when a fan reaches over the wall to grab the ball. Keep your hands behind the wall! People get angry with the length of time of games in baseball and having video reviews of home runs due to fan interference is just stupid and unacceptable! Keep your hands within your seats and let the players on the field decide the game!

Third, speaking of fans interfering to grab a baseball from the game, if you do happen to catch a home run ball, especially from a visiting player, DO NOT throw it back onto the field! I understand there is a karma thing involved with keeping the baseball, but it is just stupid and idiotic to throw a ball back onto the field. It wastes time in the game and could potentially hit someone in the stands or a player on the field. It's amazing to me that fans will tackle other fans for a baseball during batting practice but yet are willing to throw back a baseball that was just hit to them! Unreal!

Fourth, DO NOT do the wave! Sorry people but I have a real problem with doing the wave at a baseball game. First off it is very distracting for your team's pitcher or hitter. If you're trying to encourage your pitchers to get through a game, you don't need to add a distraction for them! On the flip side if you want your hitters to pick it up, doing the wave distracts them from properly seeing the ball! Finally, I think the wave is meant more for a football stadium rather than a ballpark!

Finally, as much as I personally love to announce things at sporting events, DO NOT become the play-by-play guy. You can do it only for big plays, but do not continuously be the Al Michaels of your section! Nobody came to the ballpark to hear you! They came to hear the crowd, see the game, or hear it on their radio! NOT you! If it's a big play, that's different. But you don't need to announce that the count is 1-1 in the second inning!

So there is my top five.  Do you agree? Disagree? Do you have other Don'ts at a ballgame? What is your top five list? Post a comment below!