Interleague play in major league baseball has been around for 15 years now. Many have their own views on interleague in the regular season schedule. Nonetheless, these games have produced some very exciting and historical moments for the New York Yankees.

So what are my top five moments of interleague baseball for the Yankees?

Here are my top five moments in no particular order.

  • On July 18th, 1999, The Yankees were celebrating the career of Yogi Berra. Little did that crowd know that they were in for a much bigger event that day. David Cone faced off against the Montreal Expos and proceeded to retire ALL 27 batters he faced for a PERFECT game! This game also included a rain delay, which made the perfect game even more challenging.
  • On June 12, 2009, the Yankees were about to lose a very tough game to Mets as the game went back and forth. The game went to the bottom of the ninth as the Mets had the lead and had their closer, K-Rod, on the mound. Derek Jeter got on base, and had stole second, then Mark Teixeira was intentionally walked to get to a struggling A-rod. Alex then popped up to second base, Luis Castillo tried to settle under the pop-up, then back-peddled some, and then dropped the ball. Derek Jeter crossed the plate and Mark Teixeira hustled around the bases to score the game-winning run as the Yankees went on to win.
  • While this next moment was a top moment, it didn't go the Yankees way. On June 11th, 2003, the Yankees faced off against the Houston Astros at the stadium. Roy Oswalt started that game for the Astros but had to leave in the second inning due to a groin injury. The bullpen came in to complete the remaining 8 innings. Along with the inning pitched by Oswalt and the other eight scoreless, no-hit innings, the Astros successfully no-hit the Yankees using six different pitchers in that game.
  • On July 8th, 2000, The Mets and Yankees played a day/night doubleheader between BOTH stadiums as one game had been rained out previously that season. In the second game, the nightcap at Yankee Stadium, Roger Clemens was starting for the Yankees and was facing Mike Piazza, who owned Clemens his entire career. Once in the batters box, Clemens threw a high fastball right at the helmet of Piazza, which knocked him right to the ground. Of course later on that year in the World Series, Roger Clemens threw a broken piece of bat at Piazza across the first base line.
  • So those are my top five moments. What are some some other top moments? Do you agree with this list? Post your thoughts!