It's not Jets QB and all purpose player Tim Tebow. It's not Capital Region product Victor Cruz. It's not Peyton Manning. It's not even Andrew Luck. No based on sales recorded in May it's RG3. Robert Griffin the 3rd led all NFL players in jersey sales for the month. Where is the media to start inspecting every inch of this guys life.

RG3 drafted number 2 overall in the past draft has already been named the starter for the Washington Redskins, who bravely sent the Rams 3 picks to move up to number 2 and grab the Heisman winner from Baylor.

To expand the sales graph ever further from April 1st to may 28 RG3 was 3rd overall in uni sales. P manning finished 1st and Tebow finished 2nd. However in the 1st full month of sales RG3 finished on top. Griffin beat out Luck who finished 4th overall.