In case you haven't noticed, college teams are moving to different conferences more than Quentin Richardson has moved around the NBA these days. Of course, there has to be a reason for all of this shifting of the college sports landscape, and we here at 104.5 The Team have figured them out with this list of reasons for conference realignment.

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    In every single address given by an athletic director following an announcement to switch conferences, the word academics is thrown around frequently. I'd be remiss if I didn't take these esteemed gentlemen at their words and accepted that the moves are for academic reasons and are in no way being done for purposes that would corrupt the ideal of the student athlete, right?

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    Creating New Rivalries

    I may be in the minority here, but the old rivalries in college sports such as Georgetown vs. Syracuse in basketball were getting so boring! I am looking forward to the new rivalries created by conference realignment such as, um, East Carolina and San Diego State in Big East football. Who wouldn't look forward to that?

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    The ACC/Big Ten Challenge Just Got More Interesting

    With Louisville becoming the sixth Big East school to defect to the ACC, and Rutgers leaving the Big East for the Big Ten (which has approximately 40 teams instead of ten at this point), the ACC/Big Ten Challenge that happens near the start of every college basketball season is just another way to watch Big East basketball, which is the best college basketball there is.

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    Making It Easier To Name Divisions

    It must have been really difficult to come up with names for divisions within each conference such as the Leaders and Legends divisions of the Big Ten. With conference realignment, the ACC can just call half of their conference the "Big East" division, while the Big East can call one of its divisions "Conference USA."

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    Making Traveling To Conference Games Easier

    Apparently traveling to schools like Texas El-Paso was too much for Memphis to bear. Things will be much easier for them now that they can travel to closer destinations such as UConn in all sports or St. John's in everything but football.

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    To Re-Enact The Opening Scene From BASEketball

    College sports are certainly doing their part to act out this scene from BASEketball, especially the relocation portion. I can't say I blame them, as BASEketball is a great movie when it comes on television at 3 AM and there's nothing else on and I can't sleep because I'm too busy trying to understand conference realignment. See? Now we've come full circle.

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    To Show Notre Dame How It's Done

    Maybe all of these teams are moving from conference to conference to show Notre Dame how to join a conference. You know, so they can't just get by scheduling teams that are horrible like Navy, Boston College, Wake Forest, BYU, Pittsburgh, Miami, and USC without even having to play a conference title game. You know, like any other reputable college football team would get criticized for doing.

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    So Nobody Notices How Disappointing Oklahoma Is

    Bob Stoops has been disappointing Sooner fans for years with a lack of national championships. What better diversion than having every conference outside of your own have teams thrown in and out for a few years, followed by the inevitable three year period of people trying to figure out who landed where?

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    Revenge For Manifest Destiny

    Back when America was just a young little country, its people moved from the East to the West to colonize the rest of what is now the United States. The people from the West who survived are now getting their revenge by taking back the one thing East coast Americans have become fond of: the Big East.

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    Because The NCAA Is Nothing But A Money Machine Who Will Stop At Nothing To Maximize Profits

    Yeah, I'm going to go with this one.