The world of sports sees its fair share of stupidity on a frequent basis. However, the actions of Toronto Blue Jays shortstop Yunel Escobar go beyond stupidity and cross into hateful, with the writing of a gay slur on his eye black resulting in a three game suspension.

Escobar's slip up was caught in the above image from Saturday's game against the Boston Red Sox. Was he expecting cameras not to catch it? This isn't football, where you have a helmet on to protect people from seeing your face. The eye black, and subsequent message, was written and visible in plain sight.

Through an interpreter, Escobar said that he did not intend to do any harm with the message and that he simply intended to do it as a joke. Well, Yunel, this may be kind of hard to grasp, but alienating a group of people isn't something to be taken lightly, and not everyone finds that sort of hurtful speech to be funny.

But, don't worry, Escobar's defense gets even better. He goes on to use the old "it's okay, I have friends who are gay" defense.

Listen, Yunel, I get it. You thought you could get away with hate speech and, when that didn't work, you thought you could just play it off as a joke. People try this all the time, so I can see why you would do the same.

But, here's the thing: when you offend a large amount of people, both gay and straight, with this sort of garbage, they don't care what your friends thought of it. Your homosexual friends could have been sitting there, watching the game, and laughing hysterically at your little joke for all they care. That doesn't mean that it is funny to everyone.

On the heels of the San Francisco 49ers making a video for the 'It Gets Better' campaign, and Baltimore Ravens linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo taking a stance for gay marriage publicly, this is a very disappointing move from Yunel Escobar.