A stunner, folks. "Journalists" were wrong again. I use emphasis on "journalists" because frankly, they don't exist. No such thing. Save for maybe 5% of the so-called "journalists", the rest are hacks, liars and those that want the protection of the word journalist- but really are no different than you or I.

If you detect sarcasm, you are right. The very truth is I loathe these so-called "journalists". In their mind, they are always right. In their mind, they reflect popular opinion. In their deranged mind, they only do fact, not opinion. The truth is that "journalism" has gone the way of the hoola hoop- it doesn't exist!

The truth is "journalists" exist only to destroy people's lives under the protection of the time-honored profession of "journalism". The truth is "journalists" lie all the time- about what they are writing about, and their true intentions. Be it news "journalists" or sports, it doesn't matter.

Here is how it works. "Journalists" will write or report on something under the guise of "this story is fact". That's because they, in their minds, are "journalists"- they are always right and they are smarter than the rest of us because they are "journalists". The truth is they are no smarter than a 5-year-old, and their "facts" are  not even close to being the truth.

Take the latest debacle of "journalism", The Ozzie Guillen situation. A "journalist" told us that Guillen should be fired. That there would be massive protests at Marlins park, thanks to Guillen's praising evil communist Fidel Castro. Okay, let's check the results. Total firings- NONE. Total protests- NONE. Oops.

Now, don't ever expect "journalists" to say they were wrong. Oh no, not "journalists". They are never wrong. Just ask them.  No protests of the Marlins manager upon his return to the dugout Tuesday night up against the Chicago Cubs.

The truth is that "journalist" is code word for liars, hacks, and people intolerant of other views and opinions. By using the word "journalist", they believe they get immunity from their words and views. They believe they are entitled to special privileges and respect. For me, "journalist" deserve no respect and get no favor.

"Journalist" seeks to destroy people's lives and then hide behind this only in their mind protection that they are "journalists" there for exempt from harsh critique and blow back. they are never wrong because they are "journalists' and don't do opinion just fact. Again this exists only in their mind. After "journalist" is done with their hit pieces they move onto the next target hoping to destroy that person's life.

The truth is "journalists" are nothing more than legal hitmen. Destroy and run. Next life to ruin. In their mind, "journalist" means they have special protection and since they only do "facts", their opinions never enter into the discussion.

The entire profession of "journalist" is a scam and a farce. These people are nothing but word terrorists. They will walk away from this Guillen situation with no recourse. "Journalists" will zoom in on their next target, tell us they are "journalists", think we are waiting on baited breath for their "factual" view, and decide how to handle what ever the situation might be. In their mind, they are special people that deserve respect because we, the mere mortals, need them to give us facts and "perspective", and that only they can solve the problems of the day and put things in their proper place.

I gave up long ago believing virtually anything they write, report, or spew. I know they are nothing more than paid liars, who, just like the rest of us, have opinions. The difference in a "journalists" mind is that they are never wrong, and only deal in "facts". When most of us are wrong, we admit it. Not "journalists". They just head off to the next target, hoping to ruin their lives under the bogus term "journalist". I give them as much respect as they deserve- none. For the few who actually live up to their job title and description, I feel bad for you. Your profession has been hijacked by scumbags and clowns, by hacks and liars, who think they have this special honor of bestowing to us who is right and wrong, what is fact or isn't, and what we should or shouldn't think.

To me, "journalist" is nothing more than a word, a fictitious word that used to carry clout and respect, but now deserves neither. They get NONE from me. No protests outside Marlins park. Don't expect "journalists" to say they were wrong. "Journalists" now will find their next target and work to humiliate and destroy that person, whomever they might be. Whom they might be is someone the "journalist" doesn't like, and has personal animosity for, but can't say because unlike the rest of us "journalist" doesn't operate that way.

Make no mistake, folks. Whenever you come across someone that says they are "journalist", be very afraid. Their intent is not to disseminate facts and truth, but rather hysteria and lies under the bogus title of "journalist".

I loathe "journalists" because I have watched them bring ruin to people's lives and lie about the subjects they "report" on. I will never trust a "journalist" again!!!!