The Travers stake race is 1 of the big prizes in horse racing. Held later on this August at legendary Saratoga Raceway.

One of the great horses that would appear is Gemologist, the winner of the Wood Memorial. However the horses status for the race is still unknown, but looking less and less likely every day.

Gemologist's trainer said he would not rush the horse. Gemologist is suffering from a lung infection. Pletcher said " It's not impossible that we could make the race, but we are not committed to it yet".

The Travers is scheduled for Saratoga on August 25th and will be picked up by NBC Sports.

Gemologists owner from Winstar Farms claimed it was a "long shot" that we will see the horse in that race.

Gemologist finished last in the Haskell Memorial. Then the infection was found. Pletcher had this to say in conclusion " We aren't going to push anything. We will let him ( the horse) tell us as we proceed forward".