You gotta check out this video of UCONN quarterback Johnny McEntee making some pretty impressive throws.  This video makes me think of two things.  Personally, I prefer Kyle Singler's trick shot video, but this one is very impressive also.  This video makes me think of two things.

I think it's interesting that a quarterback can be this accurate.  This guy can hit goal posts, doorways, trash cans, you name it.  This is just one of the many skills you have to have to be effective though.

This video makes me think of two things.  One, accuracy should be a given for a quarterback to be highly successful. 

Quarterbacks have to read defenses, see blitzes coming, make audibles, feel the pass rush, get hit, make the proper decision where to throw the ball.  After doing all of these things properly, you better be able to deliver an accurate pass to an open receiver.

Two, playing quarterback is one of the few positions in sports where you can excel in one aspect, but be useless overall because of the other things you lack.  This UCONN quarterback is unbelievably accurate.  If he can't read defenses & take hits, he's useless.  How many other positions in sports can you say that about?  Not many.