Well darth belichick has struck again. On the eve of the Superbowl Bill belichick is sending a message-what that is who knows but say goodbye to WR Tiquan Underwood who was cut out of the blue to make room for a D.Lineman who might see a snap or 2 named  Alex Silvestro. Yes the Alex Silvestro!

Now if you are thinking that Underwood did something dumb during Super Week think again. All published reports have Underwood following rules and breaking none of them.

Perhaps Coach no personality is sending a signal that little used Chad Ochocinko will be used more then in the previous games, heck he didn't even make the field in the AFC title game. Perhaps Silvestro will be used for a speciality play?

Bottom line I believe Belichick who sums up the cold world of pro Football to the T just felt like sending a message to his team. What that message is who knows. It wouldn't shock me if Underwood's fate was planned all the time. for those that wonder where the loyalty is in sports here is a prime example why players have none and coaches usually show none.

Underwood has been cut 3x by the Pats this season yet keeps coming back for more. Good for his preseverence, bad for his playing time.

I think cutting a player which appears to be pre-planned is about as cold as you can get on the eve of the Super Bowl. Let's see if the Giants can make this work for them as we approach game time. Cold Billy Belichick deserves it back in spades for this calculated and whack move!