The event meant to unite the world in the spirit of peaceful sporting competition will be hosted, in less than two months, by a country that refuses to unite its own citizens in the spirit of equality.

The Russian city of Sochi will host the Winter Olympics in February, while an outraged world continues to protest the country's recent passage of an unconscionable anti-gay law outlawing "propaganda" regarding "nontraditional sexual relations."

Yesterday, the United States answered calls to action by selecting to its official Olympic delegation two openly gay athletes in former tennis player Billie Jean King and two-time Olympic hockey medalist Caitlin Cahow - the woman who blazed the trail by becoming the first prominent, openly lesbian female athlete, and one who proudly walked behind her some 25 years later.

The delegation is the first since the 2000 games in Sydney to not feature the president, vice president, or first lady, and sends an important message.

That equality is a right and not a privilege.