Usain Bolt's stunning disqualification in the world championships ends a three-year reign in the 100 meter dash.  See how it all went wrong.

Usain Bolt ran a perfect race in the 2009 world championships in Berlin.  His 9.58 still stands as the world record.  However, his performance on Sunday was memorable for a much different reason.  Bolt broke out of the starting blocks too early during the 100 meter final in South Korea.  He was disqualified for doing so.

There are endless debates about the NBA's "one and done" rule.  There are not nearly as many discussions in this country about track & field's one and done rule.  One false start, and you're done.  Track & field is considering a rule change to prevent high-profile athletes from getting disqualified immediately for a false start.  Seems like a good idea.  I'm sure Usain Bolt would be likely to agree as well.