Who said Americans were a forgiving people? If you ask Michael  Vick, the Eagles QB, he might disagree. A new survey put out by Forbes has Vick as the least liked- or, if you prefer, the most disliked- athlete in America for a 3rd straight year. 60% of those that responded to the Forbes survey still had a strong dislike for Vick.

Almost deadlocked for that non-vaunted spot is Golf great Tiger Woods. Yes, seems that even two years after he  was caught in a web of cheating on his wife, Americans haven't forgiven the Tiger as of yet.

Congrats, I guess, to Plaxico Burress, who finished 3rd. I guess if he shot someone else, he might be at the top spot, but for some reason shooting himself has made Americans mad and they aren't forgiving!

Welcome to a new  top 10er. Ndamukong Suh. His stomp on Thanksgiving day has Americans  up in arms at this Lions defensive terror.

From the who-knew department- who knew that Kim Kardashian was so popular? Her ex-hubby of, what, 73 days Kris Humphries finds himself next on the list of most disliked. Imagine if he were married to Lindsay Lohan.

Rounding out the last 5 who have the ire  of American sports fans (I wonder if they really are) Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, Terrell Owens, Alex Rodriguez, and lastly racecar driver Kurt Busch!

Okay, my view on this list: The only guy on the list who makes me ill is A Roid!. I don't think roiders should ever be forgiven. At least with Vick he served time in jail. Aroid lied in his 'please forgive me for cheating" press conference. I personally will never forgive a roid cheater-ANY OF THEM. I love dogs (I own 2 Siberian Huskies) but Vick did his time in the clink and lost millions cause of his cruelty. Move on, people!

None of these others do I have a dislike for. Lebron did the right thing. Hmm Cleveland or South Beach. Easy choice. Kobe? Really? T.O.,  really? The guy doesn't even play in the NFL anymore.

Truth be told, I like Tiger more now than I did before. I have never been pro- or anti-Tiger. I am a Mickelson guy, but the beating he  has taken for a private matter is a joke! Suh, seriously? The guy makes one mistake and is 4th on the hated list? Yeah, that makes no sense!

Imagine if Plax had shot someone besides himself. Both his body and his career were shot after that. I can't imagine why people hate him so. He inflicted damage to himself. I find this list to be a joke. I also find it scary that America doesn't forgive a philandering athlete but has no problem forgiving a cheating politician. Many Americans, in my view, have their priorities screwed up. Bill Clinton became more popular after Lewinski than before, yet Kobe, Tiger and others are loathed even after time has passed. But seriously, Americans love Kardashian that much? So much as to make her ex, Humphries, that hated? Now that is funny!