Every now and then you have to look in the mirror and ask yourself, "what kind of person are you?"

Are you the type of person who believes in the letter of the law?  Are you strict?  Are you disciplined?  Are you one who believes that rules are rules?

Or are you the type who feels that they're made to be broken - or at least bent?  Are you a little freer?  A little more lose?  More carefree?

Pennsylvania's West Chester University is, decidedly, of the first category.

During halftime of their Golden Rams' Saturday night basketball game, freshman Jack Lavery took part in a shooting challenge with $10,000 on the line.  The task was simple:  make a lay-up, free throw, three pointer, and half-court shot in 25 seconds.  And through the first three shots, Lavery made it seem as easy as the explanation.  He netted each with ease, and then, after missing a first attempt at the half-court try, collected a rebound and banked-in a desperation heave to win the cash.

Or so he thought.

The school is now denying Lavery the 10K because the contest's rules state that while a participant may take as many shots as needed on the lay-up, free throw, and three pointer, they may take only one from mid-court.

So, what type of person are you?  Are you the type who says "rules are rules?" Or are you the type who says that the kid deserves the money?

Me?  I'm torn.  Part of me thinks that frilly, hippy nonsense like "the kid deserves his money" is why society is going to hell in a handcart.  Still, the former college student in me would tell West Chester University that you're already making Lavery jump through 800 different hoops for his Psychology degree - probably making him take French Cooking 202 not because you want the money but because you want your graduates to be "well rounded" - and that you should just bend the rules for the only publicity in the history of your institution.

What say you?  What kind of person are you?