I like to say a good Sunday is when the Giants win. A great Sunday is when the Giants and Jets win. The perfect Sunday is when the Giants win, The Jets win, and the  Dolphins lose. Well the opposite of that is misery. Color me miserable on this Sunday. Really Giants that's what you throw out there after beating Dallas last week. Hello did the alarm clock not go off this morning. Did you care. Will you whine about the fans again this week? Can't you beat lousy teams?

Let me go to my beloved Jets. Really? Thank you for wasting 3.5 hours of my life for that debacle. Hey write it off as you lost to the best 6-8 team in the history of the NFL. The Eagles are that right? No they aren't!  The truth is the Jets can't beat a good team while the Giants can't beat the bad teams. Hey Santonio Holmes I am curious what's more important showing off your dance moves or winning? I think it's a fair question since you act like a dope it seems every time you get to the end zone. But hey don't worry about the team there Holmsie you care about your dance step. Much more important

Let me finish with the Bills. This club has a HUGE HUGE problem. Since Ryan Fitzpatrick signed for 60 million he has played 1 decent game and that's it. Not saying it's all his fault. With Freddy Jackson out teams don't respect the run but still Harvard you gotta   play faaaar better then you have been.

So there you go my Sunday in a nutshell. I could have stayed in bed and watched the scores flash by on the ticker and not been so disgusted. Oh well there is always next Sunday. LOL