There are two possible outcomes for the A-Rod situation:

The Yankees keep him and deal with his broken-down body and lousy play and prima donna acts or they cut Rodriguez and pay for him to NOT play on the team.

Option two is the best but not likely. From what Brian Cashman is saying, the general manager of the Yanks, New York is committed to the aging star and Alex Rodriguez is committed to contributing and helping the Yanks get back to the World Series.

The problem is both sides are in denial. A-Rod is done. Shot. Toast. Cooked. Never again will he be a productive player. And he is old. And his body is breaking down more and more from the needle. Both sides know it, they just don’t talk about it. They probably don’t even talk about it with each other.

And the reason for that is simple, because A-Rod has always gotten a free pass for just about everything, and plenty of freebies from the New York Yankees, the team that has paid him far too much money and delivered him an opportunity to finally win a ring.

What should happen is that both sides understand 30 million times over again that this was never going to work in the first place. It was never going to work because A-Rod always wants more. He wants more fame, more money, more women, more everything.

He proved it in 2007 by opting out of a 10-year deal worth $250 million during the World Series so he could get a $300 million deal with incentives from the Yankees who had no problem running to his feet, kissing his toes, handing him half the franchise and walking away happy about it.

If you’re a Yankee fan and hoping that the Marlins recent fire sale to Toronto made room for Rodriguez in Florida and that this opens the door for a trade, good luck. A-Rod is a nobody in Miami, and he knows it. Sure, he can speak some solid Spanish with the belly dancers and strippers, but Miami is not a baseball town, even if it is one of his three homes.

New York, however, is a baseball town. It might be the strongest baseball town of all. The new Yankee Stadium, despite NOT being the old one with the ghosts and the history and the real fans, is still superior to the fish tank aquarium in Miami. A-Rod would be a goldfish there at best as opposed to a beta or small catfish in New York City.

So, make no mistake about it. A-Rod will be a Yankee until the end of his baseball time. He will miss fastballs and not be able to make it to first and limp around 3rd base. He will be a hole in the lineup bigger than the Grand Canyon and continue to fail in October.

Off the field, he will make news that isn’t all good and be a lightning rod for reporters and fans, both home and away. He will continue to talk during post games about getting better and helping the team and blah, blah. This will continue unless one thing happens: the Yanks cut him and pay him. Don’t hold your breath.