If I didn't love Revis Island I would be asking myself "what is up with Darrelle Revis" he sounds angry lately and I don't get why.

1st Revis says he hasn't decided if he will show up for training camp. For the 2nd time in 3 years Revis isn't happy about his contract. last time he wasn't happy he missed over 30 days of trainign camp but got the deal he wanted. Front loaded and big bucks, I wrote how I disagreed with this completely. Revis wanted the cash up front and got it. He now is complaining he is underpaid again. Are you serious?

Listen I am all for getting what you can. I am not for getting what you can then saying I got mine and now I want more with some childish holdout.

However now the perenial all pro says he doesn't care what Jet fans think about his status and stance!

Really Darrelle? It is Jet fans like myself that support you and help pay your salary. I am not saying to listen to us but to not care about what we think and puff your chest out with that  nonsense is another matter. Listen Revis if you don't like your pay every other year (or after you get your signing bonus) then roll the dice and sign 1 year deals. This way every year, if you play your usual stellar ball you get the highest contract the market will bear every year. But you won't do that will you? I don't blame you for wanting big dollars. I do blame you for complaining after you just got what you asked for now are back for more complaining and grousing. And I do blame you for threatening another holdout.

You may not care what the fans think but I wouldn't go puffing out your chest about it. You will care if they turn on you for basically telling them  screw you!

Darrelle the Jets haven't won a championship with you. They can certainly do the same without you! make no mistake I know Revis Island is great but he did show a little slippage last year-the whole team did obviously. Constant holdouts and subsequent injury like last time don't make for happy fans or owners. Yeah you are great but everyone is replaceable Darrelle. I would lower the rhetoric and take care of this business behind closed doors. I might also if I were you think about living up to an agreement!