Michael Pineda got tossed in the second inning of Wednesday's game against the Red Sox for having pine tar on his neck. It's the second consecutive start against Boston that Pineda has been accused or found of using the illegal substance.

Pineda, Getty Images

Baseball people say that pine tar gets used all the time by pitchers who are looking for help with grip. But the neck? C'mon, man. At least try to hide it. Here are all the places that you could have hidden your secret and had a chance of getting away with it.

You could have hidden it under your hat. Adjusting the hat is a common practice that wouldn't attract too much attention. How about the inside of your glove? Not too many people looking in there. How about your belt? Preferably the front, where adjustments are common.

Francisco Cervelli, Getty Images

And finally, how about a little help from your catcher? Barry Larkin said last night on Baseball Tonight (Courtesy of Mike & Mike) that every team's catcher uses pine tar on their shin guards to help pitchers out. A little teamwork, guys. And yes, that's Francisco Cervelli, not Brian McCann, but you get it.