While surfing the web today (PRODUCTIVE), I came across an interesting Facebook status from Miami Heat megastar LeBron James.

James wants a 'Hard Knocks' style program featuring an NBA team. That is an excellent idea, LeBron. This got me to thinking, which NBA team would I most want to see on a show similar to 'Hard Knocks?'

The most obvious answer would be the Los Angeles Lakers, given the acquisitions of Dwight Howard and Steve Nash this offseason. However, Mike Brown, despite looking like Al Roker, doesn't seem like a compelling head coaching character for the show. Plus, I would get bored of any shots of live action consisting solely of Kobe Bryant shooting the basketball.

Miami would be a cool team to see the inner workings of but, other than the big three, the rest of that team may actually be a group of cardboard cutouts, with Eddy Curry casually eating Wendy's on the bench everyday. I'm not sure on that one, but it's possible.

The Knicks are another team that comes to mind for an NBA redux of 'Hard Knocks,' but I can't imagine that the producers of that show wouldn't find some insufferable way to fit Jeremy Lin into each episode, which would make me resent the game of basketball.

All of those teams have flash, but they are not 'Hard Knocks' worthy. The best team for this type of idea resides in Oklahoma City. The Thunder have the talent (Westbrook and Durant), they have the characters (Harden/Harden's Beard, Kendrick Perkins), and they have the token white guy who has no business being on the roster (Cole Aldrich). Coach Scotty Brooks is a relatively amusing interview, which means he would be even more fun when not at the podium. This couldn't possibly fail.

Do you agree with my pick? If not, leave your choice for NBA 'Hard Knocks' in the comments section below.