Ok the pressure is on. Now I have to see if my leg can cash the ticket my mouth started. Seriously though does anyone think a 32 yard field goal isn't easy because I do. I mean 32 yards. That's home plate to 1st base plus 6 feet. How difficult can this really be.

Come Thursday I will find out. I have never kicked a field goal in my life. The idea was hatched after watching choke Cundiff of the Baltimore Ravens blow a 32 yard chippie at the end of the AFC title game.

Now here are the stark differences on what I am going to attemp to do and what Cundiff failed to do. On the plus side for me. No big game pressure. No 300 lb fatties coming to kill me. No defensive rush save for 1 guy. However here is what I am giving up. I have never kicked a FG ever! I won't be using cleats but rather rubber soled shoes! I will be smoking a cig at the same time! I haven't and won't practice save for 1 attempt before the real deal.

The doubting Thomas's are lining up. bring em on! It's 32 freeking yards! Video will be available at gameonwithbrucejacobs. Billy Cundiff eat your heart out. You make 3 mill per year. You can't be missing dink kicks. I got

this nailed :)