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Both Jason Pierre-Paul and Antrelle Rolle are free agents this off-season. Which one should the Giants make as a priority to sign?

Reason for JPP: He's a younger talent who's future could be bright as he hasn't even hit his prime yet. The Super Bowl winning Giants teams had Strahan and Tuck as the foundation, JPP could be that guy in the future. The bad news? He's going to cost a lot of money as other teams will drive up the price and you'll have to go with a long-term deal.

Reason for Rolle:  He's one of the longest-tenured remaining players and he's a leader of the team. As a captain of the 2011 Super Bowl Champions and a strong voice in the locker room, is he too much of a foundation to let go? At 32 years old, Rolle would be looking for a three year deal to complete his career with New York.