If you are  Wisconsin Badger fan this doesn't apply to you. If you are nuetral it does. A win today by Penn State will propel the Lions into the big 10 championship game next weekend vs Michigan State. Why is this a good thing? I will explain. I realize many fans and non interested people are wanting PSU to lose thinking this would be the right thing to happen since the covered up sex scandal of that child predator Jerry Sandusky and the alleged cover-up by school officials led by long time legand Joe Paterno. I disagree and here is why. A loss or a win pales in comparison to the ruins of many lives and the shame this school has caused however a victory today by the Nittany Lions will keep the team in the spotlight and for the victims who have come out and perhaps if there are some who haven't that spotlight would be a good thing

I can't pretend to know what these victims are going through or have gone through or will go through in the future but as more of these innocent folks come to be known this is a good thing. If Penn State keeps winning I believe the red hot spot light stays bright and perhaps more young people will come forward. If Penn State loses then the bright light goes away,it always does. This isn't to be taken that winning ballgames are more important then the crimes committed at Penn State. Clearly it's not but if winning games by innocent-repeat innocent players and coaches keeps the glare on the program then that's good. Perhaps more of these victims,if there are more will free themselves of whatever guilt or shame they might feel. Those seem to be feelings that young people feel even though they did nothing wrong. I just watched a piece on HBO real Sports about famed ex-tennis player and coach Bob Hewitt who allegadly was forcing young girls to have sex with him. They talked about the shame they felt and the guilt they felt,1 even wanted to kill herself. It's easy for me to sit here and say they should feel none of this,that they did nothing to provoke this disgusting behavior and I believe that to be true but I am not in the mind nor can I pretend to be in the mind of those effected by Jerry Sandusky

I do believe however that if PSU keeps winning these innocent folks will come out and speak up. We have seen a few trickle out in the last few days including allegedly 1 member of Sandusky's family. If Penn state loses sure media will continue to report this story but if they win you will get the investigative media in addition to the Johnny come lately for the story media and that's a good thing

Lastly for those who have wished the program bad since this story hit the air waves and newspapers. None of the players nor coaches still with the club have anything to do with  this crime and it's cover-up so rooting against them is just plain wrong. I have mentioned this before punishing the masses for the crimes of the few is just wrong.Penn State has always been a top 5 program if not top 1 program in terms of academics and accomplishment. A win today vs Wisconsin keeps the media on the program and that can only help perhaps convince other victims,if there are others,to come forward and perhaps begin healing.Perhaps. losing today in this game will diminish even a little attention on the school and in no way is that a good thing