Many of us Knick fans have hopes, long shot that it may be, that a title is coming to New York courtesy of the NY Knicks. However the chances of that get slimmer with every 3 for 17 shooting performance by J.R. Smith. Now we may have our answers why Smith has shot the ball so poorly and he has been acting like a 3 year old instead of an adult.

According to the NY Daily News it seems Mr. Smith could be the rebound in Pop Artist Rihanna's world.

I am not 1 for gossip and frankly this stuff makes me chuckle that so many actually care about who is dating and whatnot with whom, but Smith is a key piece for the Knicks so now I care!

The Daily News claims that Rihanna, just off her latest fling with woman beater Chris Brown ( 2nd time didn't work either I guess) is taking smitten with JR Smith. I consider Smith lucky if he is tango'ing with that hottie, however Knick fans concern is winning a title, not out partying to all times of the early morning with the slinky siren.

Seems Smith and Rihanna have been seen at a club in SoHo called Greenhouse at all times of the night/morning. Hey if it were the off season more power to you J.R. but it isn't!!!!

Smith has been in a slump, and lost his mind when tossing an elbow into the mush of Celtics guard Jason Terry that caused a 1 game suspension. Smith sat game 4 vs the Celts and it started a comeback for Boston. The Knicks were able to dust off the C's in 6 no thanks to Smith.

The worst thing of this all-Smith is a free agent after this year and after being named 6th man of the year and helping the Knicks to the Atlantic division title stood to make bookoo bucks. Now he seems to be frittering that away. The worst is Rihanna I bet would like J,R. even more if he were hauling in 10 million plus per year. I know material woman don't exist..Hahaha!

So J.R. since it seems Knick fan cares more about a title then you do I would ask you to keep it chill for another month or so then have it my man. If Rihanna had a thing for me I would probably lose my mind as well but I am just a Knick fan wanting a title.