The Season of 2 and 20 keeps rolling on as we honor the final season of No.2 Derek Jeter in his 20th and final season.

Part of the celebration is that we’re giving away a pair of Yankees tickets every Friday at 5:15. For the month of May, we’re doing it by having you tell us your favorite Derek Jeter Moment!

Our latest winner is Monty from Kinderhook was our winner for this submission:

In 2012, my twin sons were born. After 4 days in the NICU we were able to bring them to our room in the hospital to spend their first night with us. Of course, I planned on them watching their first Yankees game with me that night. With a baby in each arm, we watched as Derek Jeter led off for the Yankees. On the first pitch, he took one deep to pass Eddie Murray on the all-time hits list (a day after Eddie Murray said Derek's bat never had the pop that his did). I'll always be able to tell my boys that the first pitch they ever saw a Yankee get was taken yard by the captain himself, Derek Jeter.

AUDIO: Monty Wins Tickets with Armen and Levack

The Season of 2 and 20 rolls on as we're still taking your submissions on your favorite Derek Jeter moment! All brought to you by Anthony Accetta of First Investors.