Just like Mike Rice at Rutgers, another Division I men's college basketball coach is being accused of abusing his players. This time it is Wisconsin-Green Bay head coach Brian Wardle, who is being accused by a former player, of doing the same.

The allegations against Wardle are being made by former player Ryan Bross, a 7'2" big man who transferred to Concordia University, a move that may have had to do with the actions of Wardle.

Bross, in his accusations, alleged that Wardle used many of the same homophobic slurs that Rice used on his players at Rutgers, specifically recalling an incident in which Bross was made to continue a workout by the coaching staff to the point of voiding his bowels, which led to him being ridiculed by Wardle for a long period of time.

The accusations are being investigated by an attorney in the area. Of course, Wardle is innocent until proven guilty and no assumptions should be made as to whether or not he was abusing his players. However, if the allegations against him are true, one would have to wonder if the consequences would be similar to those that Mike Rice saw, with Wardle's job being in jeopardy.