Alan Fish (producer of "Sound-off with Sinkoff") and I got into a heated debate today.  He told me, as a Yankees fan, he couldn't marry a Red Sox fan.

I say he's insane!

If I were single, I would have no problem marrying a fan of my rival. 

This is silly and childish.  Grow up.  It’s called being mature and moving on with the real issues in your life. 

This is like saying you won’t date someone because you only drive Fords and she’s a Chevy girl.  If democrats and republicans can get married, a Red Sox and Yankee fan sure can. 

On a date, I’ve never asked a woman what her team preference was. That’s immature and insane! 

Should something like a favorite baseball team be such a big deal that it gets in the way of a relationship? I'm a passionate Terps fan, but it wouldn't stop me getting into a relationship with a Duke fan. 

Your stupid fandom should never get in the way of your lovelife.  It's hard enough for us guys finding a wife, throw in the fact she has to be a fan of your team, and you're just asking to be single for the rest of your life. 

Does sports really play that big a role in your relationship? Your relationship wouldn't work anyway if this is going to be an issue. At that point, you’re looking for reasons to not get along.  You just don’t want to get married.   

There are so many other potential issues in a marriage that team affiliation shouldn’t be a big deal. In-laws, chores, child responsibilities, work, communication, doing nice things for each other when you're not expected to.  Those are the things that should be important.