It's Friday, and that means the New York Yankees are set to get their season underway.  They will open up things in Tampa Bay on Friday afternoon, with CC Sabathia on the mound.

Who better to get the season going for the New York Yankees than CC Sabathia?  In a pitching staff that has it's ups and downs, CC has always produced.  One thing that will be a welcomed addition this year is the return of Andy Pettitte.  Hopefully he can still provide those crucial wins that the Yanks will need in July and August.

Today is opening day for the Yankees, who can take some pleasure in the fact that the Boston Red Sox lost on their Thursday opener to Detroit.  Across town, the Mets open up Citi Field to a win over the Atlanta Braves, 1-0.

it obviously won't be an easy game against Tampa Bay, who has a very well rounded lineup.  CC will have his work cut out for him.  The Rays will be starting James Shields, first pitch at 3:10p.