Since the Yankees couldn't give Brian Cashman a proper birthday present earlier this week with a victory at Tampa Bay, the 45-year-old General Manager decided to claim a present of his own from the waiver wire this afternoon. His name is Darnell McDonald, a former Baltimore Oriole farm product who most recently spent time with the Boston Red Sox.

The 33-year-old McDonald played 38 games for Boston, hitting .214 with a pair of homers and nine RBIs. And ironically enough, McDonald will join the Yankees in time for this weekend's series against the Red Sox at Fenway Park .

The team will officially announce the roster move on Friday to make room for McDonald on the MLB roster, and it is expected the recently-acquired Chris Schwinden will be designated for assignment.

At a point this season where the Yankees are having health issues with their pitching, I can't seem to understand the thought process behind making this move. You already have five players on your roster playing some decent baseball right now (Swisher, Granderson, Ibanez, Jones and Wise), yet management decided that the Yankees needed to clog up the bench with another outfielder? I don't get it, I just don't get it.