The New York Yankees have announced that the 2012 options for both Robinson Cano and Nick Swisher have indeed been exercised.

There was some question  after Nick Swisher's performance in the postseason if the Yankees would exercise the option on Nick Swisher. In the end the Yankees did the right thing and took back Swisher for another year for $10 million. Nick Swisher had decent numbers in the regular season hitting .260, an on-base percentage of .374, hitting 23 home runs and 85 RBI. Those numbers are slightly down from his previous season but Swisher's on-base numbers is his best contribution to the Yankees' starting lineup.

As for Robinson Cano, there was virtually no doubt the Yankees would take up his 2012 option. Cano hit .302, on-base percentage of .349, hit 28 home runs with 118 RBI. His average was less than in 2010 but he improved on his power numbers hitting a career high in his RBI total. His 2012 option will earn Cano $14 million.